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    kathmandu, may 28. the everest summiters association has decided to present this year's everest award to nawang sherpa who climbed the world's highest mountain although he had lost one of his legs below the knee.

    kathmandu, june 4: prime minister of the peoples republic of china wen jiabao has expressed best wishes and congratulation to sher bahadur deuba on his assumption of office as prime minister of his majesty's government of nepal. china and nepal are amicable neighbours linked by mountains and rivers, our two countries and two peoples have maintained close proximity in exchanges and co-operation, the chinese prime minister said in the message. ' the chinese government attaches importance to the development of china - nepal generation to generation friendly and good neighbourly partnership,' the premier said.

    sarlahi, june 4; maoists have captured 25 bighas of land of santosh gurung, rupnarayan singh and lalbabu singh of sarlahi district babargunj village development committee ward no 5. however the victims have started to use the land with the assistance of police. the maoists had captured the land from them, however they started to use the land following the increase in police patrolling in the area, it is said.

    rautahat, june 4: indian nationals have been illegally using the land located within no man's land on the nepal-india border on indian side of the border near gaur, the headquarters of rautahat district. the indian citizens have encroached on the no man's land and used the land there for cultivation and also for carrying out business by constructing makeshift huts and sheds there.

    kathmandu, june 2: his majesty the king has appointed president of the nepali congress ( democratic) sher bahadur deuba to the post of prime minister in accordance with the constitution of the kingdom of nepal 1990 article 127, and issued orders for the execution of executive powers of the kingdom of nepal under article 35 of the constitution of the kingdom of nepal. his majesty the king has also ordered the prime minister to initiate the process of election of the house of representatives by april next year by maintaining law and order in accordance with the wishes of the sovereign people and recommend for the formation of the cabinet incorporating all sides as far as possible.

  • PM - DEUBA
    kathmandu, june 2: the newly appointed prime minister sher bahadur deuba was born on june 13, 1946 in ruwakhola, dadeldhura district of mahakali zone. deuba was elected as the leader of the nepali congress parliamentary party after the election of 2051 b.s. for the first time, deuba was appointed prime minister from september 1995 to march 1997. he was prime minister from august 2001 to october 2002 for the second time. he also served as the home minister during the nepali congress government formed after the first general election. deuba established nepali congress democratic party after he was expelled from the nepali congress party and he is the founder president of the nepali congress democratic party. cease-fire was declared with the maoists during his tenure and three round of talks were held with the maoists. -: 6 :- deuba was imprisoned for nine years due to his political ideology during his political career. he was the convenor of the political consultative committee of the nepali congress from 1982 to 1988. he was the founder member and president of the nepal students union. deuba was the political in charge, far western region of the nepali congress in 1991 and actively participated in the popular movement for the restoration of democracy in nepal throughout his political career. he was active to lobby for democracy in nepal in western countries during the 1990 movement. he played a leading role in the civil disobedient movement in 1985 and was active in promoting multi party democracy in nepal during the national referendum. deuba has completed masters degree in arts from tribhuvan university in 1972 and completed bachelors degree in law in 1975 from the same university. he was research fellow of political science at the london school of economics from 1988 to 1990. deuba has visited the united kingdom, united states of america, bhutan, maldives, china, sri lanka, thailand, , japan, india, germany, france, norway, colombia, sweden, belgium, qatar and australia. he is interested in philosophy and yoga. deuba is married to dr. arzu rana deuba and has father and a son. rss
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